Dear fellow acne sufferers,

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clear your acne up overnight? Wouldn’t it be nice if you found some magic cream that would leave you with beautiful skin? Of course it would! I myself would love to find a bottle of “specially formulated” acne potion that would leave me with clear, smooth, acne free skin.

Whether its microdermabrasion, toners, lotions, harsh creams, acids, or dermatologist recommended, we have all seem the amazing claims that these companies will make about how their formula is the one that works. I can assure you that these products will not work for 85% + of acne sufferers. You may have even tried some of these products hoping for a miracle. So have I… I purchased so many acne products I can’t even name them all. Time after time, I got suckered into buying some lame acne product because the price was right, or they showed testimonials, etc. They were all marketing schemes that big companies designed to take our money! After so many disappointments, I got angry. I got really angry and I decided I was going to find the answer to cure my acne, once and for all!

First I conducted numerous surveys to see what worked for other people. I discovered that there was nothing that really worked for most of the people I surveyed. Their results using typical acne products showed minimal improvement at best. A lot of them even got worse or showed no difference in their skin. These people, just like me, were still looking for the “magic cream” that would truly make a difference.

Then I personally tested almost 50 of so-called acne treatments. While on these treatments, I frequently suffered:

• Skin irritation

• Redness

• Peeling

• New breakouts

• Itchiness

• Raw skin

• Burn-like effects

• Dryness

• Scaly skin

• Heavy oil production & shine 3 hours after washing

I finally realized that most topical acne treatments you see on TV or in the drugstore DO NOT WORK! Not just for me, but for many others as well.

After much more experimenting and months of research I finally found a few products that work! I was thrilled with the difference in my skin. I felt like I had waited a lifetime for smooth skin and I finally had it. My friends and family were stunned. I shared with them my finds and the ones who followed the same system as me saw amazing results as well.


  1. Kefir (fermented milk)
  2. Kombucha (fermented tea drink)

Both of these drinks are Symbiotic Colonies Of Yeast & Bacteria – or SCOBY for short. These are full of “friendly bacteria” that keep the bad bacteria (like thee ones that cause acne) in check. Plus they’re full of nutrients and alkalize the body (which is good for many health conditions, one of which is acne).

Check with your local health food store, on Craigslist or eBay for Kefir GRAINS (lasts longer than starters) or Kombucha MUSHROOMS (actually a scoby).

As the weather starts to turn warm, lots of folks start making sun tea to wet their whistle and cool down. Well how about trying your hand at kombucha? No, it’s not a Mercian dance; it’s a drink and a mighty powerful one at that.

Kombucha, is a naturally fermented beverage made from tea, sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (scoby).You’ve properly seen or maybe even tried some of the store bought brands before and this might seem like a something new; but did you know kombucha has been around for thousands of years?! Ancient Chinese literature from the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.E.) refers to kombucha as “the tea of immorality” and “the elixir of life.” Kombucha is said to have widespread healing and cleansing abilities that have an effect on the entire body. Many practitioners of Chinese medicine recommend drinking 4 ounces or more every day.

The kombucha microorganisms produce a wide spectrum of enzymes, organic acids, beneficial bacteria, and vitamins; including the much needed B vitamins during the fermentation process. Research suggests that kombucha improves resistance against cancer, prevents cardiovascular disease, stimulates and reboots the immune system, reduces inflammation, improves liver function, and regulates digestive function.

Making your own kombucha is super easy, very inexpensive and better than anything you’ve ever bought because you control what goes into it; always assuring a high quality brew. If you know someone brewing kombucha, ask them for a scoby and follow the directions below to make your own homegrown batch. If you cannot find one from a trusted friend, there are many sources available; I like Happy Herbalist dot com. They’re a reputable source for kombucha starters.

How To Make Kombucha Tea

Start with clean hands, a stainless steel pot, wooden spoon and a wide mouth glass Mason jar or wide mouth glass gallon pitcher.Clean all of the above with vinegar, NOT soap.

  • In a stainless steel pot, boil a gallon of water.
  • Add 4-6 tea bags (black, white, or green, regular or decaf) and let steep about 20 minutes.
  • I have experimented with a lot of different teas and have also made some delicious brews just using ginger, fresh mint, and cinnamon sticks as alternatives to tea bags. Experiment and have fun!
  • Stir in 1 cup of raw cane sugar.
  • Use the purest most unprocessed sugar you can buy. I have used agave nectar or coconut nectar to keep my brews raw. Although it’s not what the classical recipe calls for, they both worked beautifully.
  • Bring tea to room temperature.
  • Add starter tea and scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to gallon glass jar.
  • Cover the jar with a cotton cloth (cheese cloth, tea towel) secured with a rubber band to keep out fruit flies and bacteria. A coffee filter works well for a top also.
  • Store your jar in a warm dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Your kombucha is ready when it tastes delicious to you or when there is a new scoby on top – this can take anywhere from 7-14 days depending on the climate. It can take longer in colder weather.

  • Pour off the liquid and transfer to clean glass bottles and seal to make it fizzy.

Store your ready kombucha in the refrigerator or it will continue fermenting and will wind up tasting like vinegar. Now you can make another batch, or store your scoby in a glass jar with some of the liquid in the refrigerator, until ready to brew again.

Do not ever use plastic bags or jars as the little organisms in your brew will eat the plastic and thus you too will be drinking plastic.

Helpful Tips: For a less sweet brew; cut the sweetener by quarters until you find what tastes best to you. The new scoby looks like a membrane when it starts to grow. It’s your indicator that your brew is almost done. Mold is rare but dangerous. If you see black or blue spots on top of your batch, throw it out – that is mold.

These days, we all want to improve energy efficiency. Our homes, cars, appliances and workplaces are optimized for savings. Quick quiz: What one activity does your body devote the greatest amount of energy to every day? The answer: Digestion!

Surprised? Energy diverted to break down food in your gut takes a toll all day long. If your belly is bloated, how are you supposed to focus on anything else? Consider making your engine run more smoothly by utilizing the perfect nexus of wise traditions, fermented foods and probiotics: delicious (and inexpensive) homebrewed Kombucha.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha, also called Living Tea, is an ancient health beverage brewed from sweet tea and a starter culture of bacteria and yeast. First time drinkers often experience an immediate craving for more. For others it is an acquired taste with a slight apple cider vinegar flavor. Kombucha pairs well with a wide variety of mixers, from water to fresh fruit juice to wine and more.

Kombucha Benefits

The active enzymes present in fermented items such as yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut and Kombucha have co-evolved with our intestinal systems to help us digest for maximum nutrition and benefits. Without fermented foods, the body’s ability to digest is impacted significantly.

Kombucha is the easiest and most versatile way to get all the benefits of fermented foods. Plus it works with your liver and gut to detoxify your entire body. Over time, Kombucha also alkalizes the blood (restores pH to 7.0-7.5), helping to protect against degenerative diseases and cancer.

However, Kombucha is not a miracle or a panacea. It helps the body digest more efficiently, which frees up energy to accomplish other important things the body needs to do, like heal itself. Some of the most commonly attributed kombucha benefits include a clearer mind, better digestion and a feeling of wellbeing.

Kombucha is Sustainable

Kombucha can be a gateway to other sustainable and green choices, especially in the kitchen. Integrating more homemade foods into your diet reduces waste and trash while saving money. Fermenting foods is one way to take back traditional dietary wisdom and apply it to your life.

Kombucha is always making more of itself, as the cultures replicate with each batch. You can pass them on to friends or use them for home beauty products. Over fermented Kombucha has a myriad of household uses including cleaning, pest control and wound care. There are even more uses for extra SCOBYs, even ways to use them as beauty products to save more money.

Kombucha benefits were discovered two thousand years ago as potent elixir of long life. This is not just a health tonic, but a complete therapy as well. It was believed to be a great medicine which promotes good health. Millions of people were helped by this magnificent detoxifying and immune-boosting qualities.

This therapeutic drink has lots of benefits. Its appearance is just like an ordinary tea, but with the therapeutic benefits it offers show how useful this tea is to people. The tea is made from sweetened drink with Kombucha culture. It tastes like apple cider or a fresh light wine. It is fermented, and its freshness depends on its time and type of tea used.

Popularized first in the Western world, but now it is already known worldwide. In fact, there are millions of Kombucha brewers and users worldwide. In the past, malnourishment is a common problem, because vitamin supplements are not yet popular that time. When this miracle tea was discovered, malnourishment was managed because this tea is rich with vitamins and minerals. It would be hard for vitamins to take effect when there are no minerals. Hence, the tea will really take effect. This is specifically rich in Vitamin D, making it good for enhancing eyesight.

The therapeutic benefits of Kombucha include better digestion, skin rejuvenation, immunity booster, helps in treating osteo arthritis, asthma, flue and cold, energy enhancer and anti-aging effects. It also prevents eczema and psoriasis. The tea could stabilize blood pressure and promotes good sleep. Many doctors and consultants are recommending this tea as food supplement. If you are not feeling, it is good to take this supplement, so that your immune system will increase, preventing further diseases to occur. But, if you are suffering with candida, this supplement may not be good for you.

A lot of women also are regularly taking Kombucha tea mainly because of its skin rejuvenation and anti-aging effects that can really enhance their natural beauty. They like the taste of this tea, as it is commonly distributed as sweetened tea. This is known as a great beverage as well, mainly because of its beneficial effects to health. The tea has it has a good taste and beneficial to health at the same time. Many people are constantly searching for this supplement due to its wondrous benefits. Regular buyers and dealers are subject for personal negotiation between their clients regarding to the product’s quality, effectiveness, and price.

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